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accessorizing responsibly

We design, craft, and curate unique jewelries to add pops and joys to your personal style .

Our Products were Born...

To Impress.

Each piece is a style statement and conversation starter. It's up to you to keep us a well-guarded secret or share with your BFF plus the world.

To Last.

Only the best materials, designs and craftsmanship will pass our stringent sample selection and personal wear test.

With a Cause.

We listen to our customers for what you love and want. Every piece is meant to compliment your style with a magical finishing touch.

With a Purpose.

We live beautifully but consume responsibly with a respect for our earth. Together, we strive for a stylish and experience-rich life.

Our Values in 3 E's


Confidence is beautiful.  More confidence brings more kindness, compassion, and gratitude to others.  When we face self-doubts and self-pity, we need to remember how powerful we are and how others may benefit from our infinite strength and potential.  

We are passionate about empowering and supporting each other and other women.  We pay it forward through business and professional mentorship programs for startups, small businesses and professionals in our community.  We hope to expand our reach to more of you as our community grows.  


We believe in responsible consumption and sustainable fashion.  Life should be beautiful with styles and colors but it doesn’t have to be wasteful.  

As fashion industry veterans witnessing decades of wasteful practice, we decided to challenge it with our little splash of action.  We focus on changing the wasteful practice from its very source: too many poor-quality and unwanted products made.  Less waste made, less waste treated.  Actually simple.        

In addition, we proudly donate $1 for each purchase to our charitable partners who share similar mission.


Life is a journey.  We define it by how we travel through it and the trace we mark for others.  Engaging with our relationships and people along the way delivers a more fulfilling life experience.  

A few of these things can lead us to higher engagement.  Declutter.  Set priorities.  Live an essentialist lifestyle.  Experience more.  Spread kindness.  Love…  

For most, we want to engage with you.  Who love and support what we do.  We cannot do this alone.  Tell us anything you wish.  What makes you happy.  What inspire and empower you.  What we should make for you next.  Seriously anything.  

Together. We make the world a better place.